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Regional Support Office Coordinator

30 août 2022

Regional Support Office Coordinator

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As part of the implementation of the West Africa Coastal Area Resilience Investment Project (WACA ResIP), the International Development Association (World Bank) has signed a financing agreement with the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) for Component 1 of the project, on regional integration, as well as a project agreement with IUCN.

UEMOA, which is the project manager for Component 1 on regional integration, has signed a subsidiary agreement with IUCN, which is thus responsible for setting up and coordinating the project's Regional Support Office (IUCN/WACA RAS) as the delegated project manager. The team of this support unit is integrated into the Central and West Africa Program (PACO) of IUCN in Dakar, Senegal.

The development objective of the first project (WACA ResIP I), which operates in six coastal countries (Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Mauritania, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal and Togo), is to strengthen the resilience of communities and target areas of the West African coast and Sao Tome and Principe. In this perspective, the project aims at improving the absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacities of the countries of intervention. The project activities at the sites in these six countries will directly benefit approximately 200,000 people who live along the coast and depend on it for their livelihoods. The implementation of the WACA ResIP I project also involves regional and international organizations, including UEMOA, IUCN, the Abidjan Convention Secretariat, the Centre de Suivi Ecologique, Cerema and RAMPAO. Other organizations and projects are involved.

The WACA ResIP I project is scheduled to end on December 31, 2023. A second project (WACA ResIP II), with a strengthened regional component and national activities in three coastal countries (The Gambia, Ghana, and Guinea Bissau), is under preparation and is scheduled to start in September 2022. The envisaged duration of the WACA ResIP II project is from 2022 to 2027. The roles and responsibilities of the regional component partners are expected to be continued and likely expanded under the second project. The two projects and the regional component support will be conducted jointly during the second half of 2022 and into 2023.

The WACA ResIP projects consist of a combination of technical support (Component 2) and physical investment activities (Component 3) implemented at the national level, and national strengthening (Component 4). Component 1 focuses on regional integration.

The objectives of Component 1 (Regional Integration), for which UEMOA and IUCN are responsible, are as follows

  1. to strengthen regional integration in terms of integrated management of the West African coastline in general (and reduction of the risks of erosion, flooding and pollution in particular), in particular by supporting the implementation of conventions and protocols on coastal management operationalization of the coastal observatory, establishment of a support system for coastal zone management, increased mobilization of financial resources and development of new financial instruments for the sustainable management of the West African coast, capacity building, and communication;
  2. support the functioning of the Regional Steering Committee for regional integration activities, coordination and programming of regional aspects of interventions at the level of beneficiary countries
  3. to manage and animate a Regional Support Office (IUCN/WACA RAS) which assists countries in the implementation of activities in terms of management and technical

The Regional Support Office for the implementation of the project, hosted and supervised by IUCN, is responsible for the technical coordination of the regional integration component. As such, it is responsible for the animation of the network of regional and international partners. In addition, it supports the countries of intervention of the project in the implementation of the planned activities and ensures:

  • facilitating access to high-level technical and scientific expertise
  • strengthening communication and knowledge exchange between countries
  • Promoting the exchange of know-how in the area of administrative, fiduciary and management support to countries;
  • Coordination and management of the entire regional monitoring and evaluation system of the project;
  • Evaluating the overall impact of the project at the regional level.

IUCN/WACA BAR supports the scaling up of the project and, as requested, accompanies other countries that are eligible to join the WACA program to prepare them to define and receive the necessary and eligible investments.

The main role of the Regional Support Office Coordinator is that of the team leader of this unit. He/she leads, facilitates and coordinates the IUCN/WACA BAR team in order to ensure the effective implementation of the provisions of the Technical Execution Agreement with the World Bank and the Subsidiary Financing Agreement signed with UEMOA. The Coordinator ensures the articulation between IUCN/WACA BAR, the Project Management Units (PMUs) and the regional partners. He/she ensures effective coordination of activities during the period of simultaneous implementation of the WACA ResIP I and WACA ResIP II projects.


For more information on the West African Coastal Management Program (WACA), please visit The WACA ResIP I project document, and the WACA ResIP II

project monitoring and agreement and preparation documents are available at the following links: and

Major Responsibilities

The IUCN/WACA BAR Coordinator is under the direct supervision of the Regional Coordinator of the Marine and Coastal Programme (MACO) within the IUCN West and Central Africa Programme (IUCN PACO). He/she supports the MACO Coordinator and IUCN PACO in its strategic role and in the coordination and technical monitoring of the activities of both projects and its national and regional partners.

The Coordinator is responsible for :

  • Effectively managing the IUCN/WACA BAR unit and team;
  • Organize and provide the required assistance to the nine country PMUs for the implementation of the WACA ResIP I projects and the preparation and future implementation of WACA ResIP II at the national level, including the mobilization of the IUCN/WACA RAB team according to the needs (requested or identified) of the countries, and the coordination of the activities of contracted partners;
  • Assist IUCN PACO in the operational coordination by respecting the procedures and guidelines applied in the execution of the two projects;
  • Identify new opportunities programmatically and with potential partners in consultation with other IUCN units and according to the needs of partner countries;
  • Provide the required assistance to the UEMOA Regional Management Unit (UEMOA/URG) for the implementation of WACA ResIP projects at the regional level;
  • Ensure coordination and coherence of all IUCN/WACA BAR team activities, as well as overall management of the working relationship between IUCN, UEMOA and the World Bank, in the supervision of WACA ResIP projects, including activities related to knowledge exchange/sharing, regional supervision missions, mid-term reviews, etc;
  • Participate in the integration of WACA activities and initiatives into current and developing MACO projects.

Specific Tasks

Technical and strategic coordination
  • Plan and monitor the implementation of the IUCN/WACA BAR work program as described in the project document, including the activities of Component 1 "Regional Integration" of the WACA ResIP projects;
  • Support the preparation and implementation of the WACA ResIP II project, including mobilization of the IUCN/WACA BAR team in support of the three country projects (The Gambia, Ghana and Guinea Bissau) and coordination of the technical activities of regional partners;
  • To support technically, as well as in project management, the implementation of the project in each of the nine countries of the two projects, and to mobilize, if necessary, additional support;
  • Oversee the establishment and operationalization of the WACA ResIP I and WACA ResIP II monitoring and evaluation systems;
  • Follow up on the implementation and operationalization of the WACA ResIP communication, stakeholder engagement, and knowledge sharing and learning strategy;
  • Monitor, document, and report on the progress of WACA ResIP projects as a whole, and regional activities in particular. In this capacity, the Coordinator is responsible for the production and consolidation of technical and financial reports for Component 1, as well as the consolidation of WACA ResIP country project implementation reports for submission  to UEMOA and the World Bank within the contractual timeframe;
  • Identify and document lessons learned and impacts of the project, both at the regional and country levels. Propose, as soon as useful, to UEMOA, IUCN, countries, regional partners and the World Bank, solutions for improving the implementation of the project;
  • Prepare and execute a support program for other eligible countries (according to selection criteria agreed upon with UEMOA and the World Bank) in order to support their preparation and facilitate their integration into the WACA regional program;
  • Plan, facilitate and provide secretarial services for Regional Steering Committee meetings in close collaboration with UEMOA;
  • Maintain and facilitate working relations between IUCN, UEMOA and the World Bank, as well as other regional actors;
  • Monitor and coordinate the activities of PMUs and regional partners and provide them with technical support when necessary. In particular, he/she will facilitate regular meetings of PMU coordinators. The regional coordinator will also facilitate the establishment and monitoring of cross-border committees between countries for the technical and political coordination of activities in cross-border areas;
  • On behalf of IUCN, prepare and accompany missions (organized at least every 6 months) to support the implementation of the regional component of the project.
Administrative and Financial management
  • Ensure the supervision, management and monitoring of the day-to-day administrative and financial aspects of IUCN/WACA BAR, as well as financial reporting, in strict compliance with the provisions of the project's procedures manual, World Bank procedures, as well as, when compatible, IUCN internal procedures;
  • Supervise and ensure the effective implementation of procurement procedures as described in the Regional Manual of Administrative and Financial Procedures and in accordance with the contractual provisions between IUCN, UEMOA and the World Bank;
  • Ensure compliance with the procedures of the projects financed by the World Bank, and when compatible, with IUCN procedures, according to the provisions approved in the regional manual;
  • Establish and manage contractual relationships with project partners of the regional component;
  • Oversee the management of project data and documentation for monitoring and evaluation, auditing and transparency purposes;
  • Facilitate project review, evaluation (internal and external) and audit missions.
Team Management
  • Support the recruitment process and facilitate the establishment of the IUCN/WACA BAR team according to the contractual procedures established between IUCN, UEMOA and the World Bank within the framework of the project;
  • Ensure the supervision of team members, define individual work plans and evaluate the performance of each agent in accordance with the procedures set out in the procedure’s manual;
  • Effectively manage the unit and the IUCN/WACA BAR team, following the organizational standards and procedures in force, in order to achieve the project's objectives and produce and make available the expected deliverables and products within the contractual deadlines.

Profile and Qualifications

  • Have a university degree of at least BAC + 5 (master 2, engineering degree, doctorate or equivalent), in one of the relevant disciplines of environmental sciences, social and economic sciences, management, law,
  • Have at least 15 years of international professional experience and demonstrate at least 10 years of experience in managing project portfolios and leading large-scale multi- country donor-funded initiatives (experience with World Bank-funded projects would be a plus);
  • Strong experience in project management (from preparation to closure), performance management, monitoring and evaluation, and theory of change;
  • Demonstrate good capacity in multi-stakeholder mobilization, collaboration with governments and state entities, multilateral actors, communities and the private sector;
  • Excellent communication skills, and demonstrate familiarity with new social media and communication tools;
  • Experience in managing a team in a multicultural and multilingual context;
  • Fluency in French and English, oral and written; good knowledge of Portuguese would be an asset;
  • A good command of computer tools and remote communication systems;
  • Willingness to travel regularly in the project countries, sometimes under difficult conditions;
  • Experience in collaborative leadership;
  • Knowledge of the region, the beneficiary countries and the regional institutions involved would be an asset.
Female' candidates and candidates from all countries in the region are strongly encouraged to apply.
Duration of the Contract

The duration of the contract for the IUCN/WACA BAR Coordinator is one year, renewable on the basis of a satisfactory performance evaluation.


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